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About Me

mandy boylettI am a fitness instructor working in Teesside. I work in gyms in the area and I also teach my own classes in school halls. I am passionate about many types of exercise, especially choreographying Step, Aerobics and Salsa Aerobics routines.

My "proper" job is running my website, ShoppingTrolley.Net, about which I am also passionate. I love computers and everything to do with them - this love of technology has provided me with the skills I need to produce my own websites and professional quality DVDs at a minimum of cost - enabling me to pass these cost savings on to other fitness instructors.

My other main interests are singing and writing songs. I did audition for the X-Factor 2 - but I won't go into that now. However, my musical ability has enabled me to mix fundamental backing tracks on the computer using royalty free samples and proprietary software, which means I have kept clear of the minefield of the reproduction of music subject to copyright, and the costs associated with it.

Note - if there is anyone out there who would like to send me any 32 count tracks which they have mixed themselves, I would be happy to use them on future releases if the music is suitable. However, you must be able to guarantee that the music is your own original work or includes only royalty free samples. I am unable to make any payment for the use of music, but I will give full credit to you on the DVD for any tracks used. Each track must be at least 20 minutes in length to be useable (or merge seamlessly into a subsequent track), but it can loop as often as you like.

The Future

I intend to run my own fitness related training courses throughout the UK, and present at masterclasses. I have some other ideas that I am keeping under wraps for the moment, but in the future I may be interested to hear from other creative instructors.

My Qualifications

  • A 2.ii honours degree in Statistics from the University of Bath (it doesn't get much use these days)
  • OCR 2 Exercise to Music
  • OCR 2 Mat Based Pilates
  • Future Fit Certificate in Step
  • Registered Boxercise Instructor
  • Registered with REPS, membership number R0034949

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