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Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully and make sure that you fully understand them before making a purchase.

  1. DVDs sold on this website are intended only for qualified fitness instructors and are designed to give a maximum amount of choreography in a minimum amount of time. Therefore, the warm up, cool down and stretch have been omitted and the number of repetitions is less than you would have in a class situation. Please ensure that you warm up properly before attempting the routines, and that you cool down appropriately and stretch the appropriate muscles including, but not limited to, the gastrocnemius (upper calf), soleus (lower calf), iliopsoas (hip flexor), the quadriceps and the hamstrings.
  2. These DVDs are designed for exercise to music instructors only and should not be bought unless you have an appropriate Exercise to Music or Step Exercise to Music teaching qualification / certificate.
  3. Equally, any free downloads on the site are intended for qualified instructors only.
  4. If you are not used to the physical activity contained in the DVDs, check with your doctor that the content of the DVD is appropriate for you before making a purchase.
  5. You should also check with your doctor before use if any of the following apply: you have a heart condition, you sometimes feel pain in your chest when you exercise, you sometimes get faint or feel dizzy, you are pregnant or have had a baby in the last six months, you have a joint problem that could be made worse by exercise, you have high blood pressure, you are taking medication that could affect your ability to exercise or you have another health problem which could affect your participation in physical activity.
  6. You acknowledge and agree that Mandastep is not offering a health and fitness service. None of the material on the website or available for purchase is intended to be a prescribed exercise programme. By using this website or purchasing a DVD, you agree to be personally liable for use of the DVD. Furthermore, you fully indemnify Mandastep and Mandy Boylett for any damages and costs arising directly, indirectly and/or consequentially from your use of the DVD and instruction of the material therein, including claims for injury or death to yourself, your class participants and / or other third parties.
  7. By purchasing or receiving a DVD from Mandastep or a third party, you agree to release and discharge Mandy Boylett and Mandastep from any and all responsibilities or liabilities from injury arising from the use of the DVD. No fitness for any particular purpose is given or implied.
  8. Your use of this website or purchase of a DVD implies your legal acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not access or make a purchase.
  9. The DVDs used are in the format DVD-R. Only high quality discs are used which are compatible with the vast majority of DVD players. However, they will not play in 100% of DVD players. This is an artefact of recordable DVD's and I cannot do anything about it. Replacements will only be issued if the DVD itself is faulty - there will be no replacement offered if the DVD is not faulty.
  10. The DVDs have been filmed using a high quality domestic camcorder. As such the video and sound are good, but are not of broadcast quality.
  11. Mandastep may change these terms at any time by posting revised terms and conditions online. Please ensure that you read these terms regularly so that you are aware of any changes. Your continued use of this website implies acceptance of these terms.
  12. You may only use this website for lawful purposes.
  13. Information on this website is subject to copyright and must not be used without the prior permission of Mandy Boylett.

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